Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Junk Draw

I have several junk drawers, which I clean out every 6 months or so, and so here is another type of "junk drawer."  I'm cleaning up and then I'll get ready to fill it up again.

new sketchbook, shot by Jeffrey Sturges

Goya at C.G. Boerner

a detail of an etching at C. G. Boerner

Baselitz, Goya and French etchings at C.G. Boerner



Another one of my sketchbooks at Norte Maar

Jason and I looking up.

Pink Clouds.

Viola Frey "lean-to"

Ai Weiwei's portait of Duchamp.

Flamenco dress at the Armory.

Astro-turf on the sidewalk in Bushwick.

Jason and Ida.

Kevin Curran on the Floor at Norte Maar.

More Kevin Curran, hammer sculpture.

Kevin Curran's Rothko blanket

Kevin wrapped up in Rothko.

Kevin Curran.

Last day of my show at Heiner Contemporary.

A small Richter.


my filing system.

Norte Maar from outside.

Rafael Barrios on the way to C.G. Boerner

Rembrandt's Three Crosses at C.G. Boerner

more Tworkov.

The next Pocket Utopia...coming soon!!

Holding the keys to 191 Henry Street!

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