Friday, April 15, 2011

The Laundromat Project (The LP) and NYFA's Immigrant Artist Project

The Laundromat Project (The LP) and NYFA's Immigrant Artist Project

Skill Share Participant Application

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The Laundromat Project (The LP) and NYFA's Immigrant Artist Project have partnered to present a day-long skill share that focuses on sustainable strategies for New Yorkers to cultivate and beautify their urban spaces. Hosting a variety of workshops and demonstrations, which focus on environmental awareness, food cultivation, and urban beautification the day is structured as an opportunity for artists, urban dwellers, farmers, and food activists to teach and learn from each other. The mission of this event is to empower urban communities to beautify and utilize underused public spaces while creating an open forum for all who are interested to gather and exchange ideas and practices around responsible agricultural and environmental stewardship. The LP and NYFA's Immigrant Artist Project are currently seeking to work with artists, farmers, and food activists who are interested or already engaged in projects at the intersection of art, activism, and sustainable food systems.

Understanding that creativity is a central component of healthy human beings, vibrant neighborhoods, and thriving economies - The LP organizes art programs in laundromats throughout New York City through its two core programs, Create Change and Works in Progress. By bringing art to where our neighbors already are (everyone has to do their laundry), this community-based public art non-profit aims to raise the quality of life for people of color whose incomes do not guarantee broad access to mainstream arts and cultural facilities.

For NYFA' s Immigrant Artist Project, which provides immigrant artists with tools for their creative growth while building their sense of social engagement, this is a platform for some of its diverse constituents to acquire knowledge relevant to their artistic practice while providing beautifying perspectives to community space. These artists will have the opportunity to exchange their ideas and skills with sustainable food practitioners and urban dwellers and expand their community.

In light of the growing green movement, this skill share will provide fertile ground for a timely exchange between activists, art practitioners, farmers, and the public. We call on artists, farmers, and food activists to join this forum to make sustainable living a more accessible and equitable practice.


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