Friday, April 8, 2011


I'm a little distracted today. I'm fighting a sinus infection while preparing for tonight's
Tour Bushwick, meeting on the L platform at 8th Ave., by the front of the train at 6:15pm.

Or meet us in Bushwick:

7 pm Meet at Storefront

16 Wilson Avenue, Brooklyn
Greg Kwiatek's new paintings

8 pm Walk to Norte Maar
83 Wyckoff Avenue, #1B Brooklyn

view The Boys of Bushwick (with Ellen Letcher)

9pm Centotto

artworks and writings by Jim Herbert, Thomas Micchelli,

Matthew Miller, Adam Simon and Don Pablo Pedro
250 Moore Street, #108

If you can't come along, I'll miss you.


GREG KWIATEK "La Luna," 2010

(Anyone can email me to receive a PDF of readings from Centotto's The Ruminations Anthropocentric, or Conchogenies Anthropo-Archival which includes reflective essays on Max Beckmann, Mehdi Belhaj Kacem, Jean-Luc Nancy, Tom Morton and Gaston Bachelard.)



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