Saturday, January 8, 2011

up in the air, with some hot chocolate on the side!

I'm just waiting on a few other people to get back to me, so today it's off to teach art to 6 little girls ages 5 to 10. Grant will be the token male artist. We'll begin by making Exquisite Corpse drawings, which I call "Exquisite Fool" drawings (nice video link there) and which we called "Exquisite Animals" at Camp Pocket U. I posted pictures of Kevin Reagan from this summer organizing the kids above.

After class the girls and I will walk over to Peter Blum and see David Rabinowitch's show of prints and drawings. The show will tie nicely into what we make after our "fool drawings", for we will be working on building with paper through the layering of surfaces with collaged paper of different thicknesses and textures over which pencil and pastel are applied with varying intensities. Deliberate lines on circular paper, which I have to run out and get right now from New York Central, will be our goal today along with a deliberate rapidity with constructed linear forms. Then we'll go out and get hot chocolate!

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