Monday, January 10, 2011


After reading an article on Sampling (and the idea is only as deep as the length of the NYT's 2 minute and 7 second sound clip example) in yesterday's New York Times Magazine, I went off to sample art in Bushwick and Williamsburg. My tour guide was, Jason Andrew, and my buddy was Hrag Vartanian.
studio of Tamara Gonzales
Tamara's recent work
more Tamara
Storefront's NYT's review - on their one year anniversary!
(can you read that, who did this blue one?) Storefront's group show:

I know this red painting is Matthew Langley
another Storefront, new artist, he just makes "x's"
my tour buddy Hrag in front of pal Julie Torres
Andrew Piedilato, showing at English Kills, looks like he's giving me the finger?
(viewing his show sparks a discussion of if he was an LA artist he'd be showing at the Hammer or some other S. Cal. museum and how NYC museums need to support their local artists more, or how at least the Brooklyn Museum needs to do something, anything!)

English Kills new floor...just a floor sample?
Brooke Moyse above, love her...
Bjoern Meyer-Ebrecht's books above
more Bjoern
Bjoern above
a pile of Bjoern


at Sugar

new gallery on Bedford, Rawson Projects (they totally blew us off until we introduced ourselves and then they got all nice...was that a sample? Actually the show, which was on the floor being installed, looked great.)
above, at Sideshow, my man Loren Munk (I love him, have I ever said that before?) and below, Mario Naves, who reviewed my show, showing...a beautiful collage!
the big picture at Sideshow
this sample of art in Bushwick and Williamsburg stops here.

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