Thursday, December 9, 2010


After only 3 months from having her second child, Amy Smith-Stewart, is roving again. This time she has organized 7 Artists 7 Days 7 Hours, a video program featuring Jen DeNike, Bryan Balla, Kate Gilmore, Alix Pearlstein, Laurel Nakadate, Yui Kugimiya, and Adrian Paci.

The videos are on a continuous loop for a 7-day period at BIG SCREEN PROJECT, a 30 x 16.5 ft. HD format LED screen located at a 10,000 sq. ft. public plaza between 29th and 30th Street in New York City. There's a little cafe called FoodParc, which makes an excellent viewing perch and they serve up delicious dumplings!

Yum, I've been roving too and eating all over town...staying out of the studio and sort of out of the cold.

Matisse's Reverse lithos at Maison Francaise

Cafe Henri, lemon tart while I finish, almost ready new website!

Tomorrow it's back out to the Moore Street Market, for more discussions of my public/% for Art Project there and possible collaborations with Lars Kremer and Aron Namenwirth. More art and eating is in my future.

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a said...

Hey Austin really amazing space!!!!
Aron is one A :0)