Friday, December 3, 2010

My Miami

Unlikely as it is, I am in Miami Beach and so are the "art fairs." I am actually in a hotel across the water from most of these fairs, except for SEVEN, where I am giving an aforementioned talk on fame or "You're a Legend in your Own Mind." After the salon I hoping to hop a boat to see Shamim's island project where friend Marina Rosenfeld is doing a sound/no sound installation, proper footwear required. Below are some pictures of my Miami. I just ordered room service, I can't believe it!

Marina Rosenfeld en route to car rental attempt...
William Powhida at #Rank, Christopher Ho was discussing "Regionalism," or what sounded like the origin of criticism when I walked in...
A picture of the surrounding SEVEN art, provided for context:
Beautiful pink chalk board for the #Rank
(this is a twitter link because this is a twittering event) overflow thoughts:
The Chadwicks:

Their piece The Genretron:
And last but not least, a huge treat for me was to see Hildur Asgeirsdóttir Jónsson at a private viewing of her work in a beautiful South Beach apartment at it's southern most tip. Hildur is sitting on the left.

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