Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kids Camp day #2 - prepping for adult "campers" to arrive

Day #2 had kids throwing pots with Michael and Jackie, of course knitting, and now word playing with lars and performing with Chloë.

20 Pratt Street gets outfitted with a tent for salons and discussions over dinner! More visiting artists arrive tomorrow by train!

Snap shots from the day at school and 20 Pratt.

Brece's classroom day 2

Ceramics with Jackie Sabourin and Michael LaVigne

More Ceramics with Jackie Sabourin and Michael LaVigne

Wordplay with Lars Kremer

Playing with the word echo with Lars Kremer

Performance prep and study with Chloë Bass
Prepping for the salon and discussion tent at 20 Pratt Street
A view of the front with the "salon tent" in back, Julia tending her own garden, Michael LaVigne on the front steps
The big top goes up!! (Not sure who's up on the ladder?!)
Art exits the ice chest ready to hang our Ab hinc show (Is this proper art handling technique?!)

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