Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 4 Camp Pocket U

A day in pictures; the kids and visiting artists commune and talk ideas, throw pots, do sumie (Japanese ink painting), and play tennis.

The evening began with a bang! Lars installed his ECHO!!! Like a dream on the lake with the moon above. Lar's piece was beyond my expectations! His words reflect our tasks as we attempt to support each other's ideas, teach, discuss and make an ever expanding pockets of utopia. Pockets are cool right, you can never have enough pockets! (Camp Pocket is sponsored by Norte Maar.)

Kevin read to us again from a John Lilly book. Kevin titled his evening readings Metaprograms. These readings are calming and seem to settle the group into a discussion of clarified thought where we plan for the next day and the future. When I figure out how to put Kevin's inspirational readings online I'll send out a tweet.
The morning begins with journaling and sketching

Sumie with Kay

Ceramics and Critque
Michael throws pots
Lars, Debbie and Lars visit the kids camp
Chloe discusses the personal, the public, the investigative, and the world to 7 to 12 year olds and...they GET IT!

The evening program begins Kristin, Bill, and Karl talk about cloud patterns above Rouses Point and the fact that Rouses Point was an important stop on the underground railroad.
Lars Kremer's Echo excedes expectations!

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