Thursday, January 28, 2010

Art Los Angeles Contemporary

Snapshots from the art fair. I haven't been to an art fair since the first Miami Art Fair in 2002, so I thought that I might get struck by lightning when I walked in, but I paid to park and proceeded to have a look around. This is what I saw; first up was the VIP check where I got a yellow wrist bad and a "fair card," and then I saw the next installment of LAND by Mexico City-based artist Artemio, then up to the third floor for Höhenkoller or High Anxiety, organized by Monique van Genderen. Höhenkoller features pal Aaron Spangler. Aaron is also showing also in the Staler Waldorf show and he seems to be having an LA moment!

Then it was down and around to my favorite LA gallery that is not in a house and that's the venerable Solway Jones where they are exhibiting Sam Gilliam and Hadley Holliday. At 75 years old Sam Gilliam's got it going on!! Finally, another favorite Mindy Shapero showing at The Breeder gallery.

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YHBHS said...

nice recap...

somehow i totally missed aaron spanglers work. gorgeous! all in all, i was a little disappointed by the fair. thought the rooms were kinda dismal, and felt like an office space. really made the artwork feel suffocated.