Saturday, January 30, 2010

LA Day # 5

Today started with a few visitors to Statler Waldorf, notice the professional signage for the gallery. Friends, Kate and Mark popped in. They're both architects. They walked over.

Next up, a driving tour of LA in order to get to some openings and to the coolest event I've ever experienced. Anything I say about 1 IMAGE, 1 MINUTE won't do the experience justice, but I will say it was incredible! The 1 IMAGE 1 MINUTE was organized by X-TRA, a contemporary art magazine, and is an event based on Micol Hebron’s column in X-TRA, which is a recreation of a project produced by my one of my favorite directors Agn├Ęs Varda. Varda invited various people in and outside the art world to respond to photographic images for one minute. She presented the results on French television in 1983. Today's event, featuring Leonard Nimoy, Lucas Reiner, Dawn Kasper, and Bettina Korek blew me away. 1 IMAGE, 1 MINUTE was probably the most transformative art experience I have had in years (period).

I got back in the car and drove clear across this city of angels to Cal State LA to see
I'm Giving You My Dream Guns featuring the fabulous Libby Hartle, Alexi Chisler and Meridith Pingree. Their show was a real gem.

In the car again, navigating over freeways, side streets and parking garages, I parked it at the Hammer to attend the opening of Rachel Whiteread's drawings and Robert Fischer's sculptural floor on the wall installation. Both exhibitions were excellent. I particularly loved Rachel Whiteread's postcards and her huge vitrine installation. See below.

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