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VendorBar @ Editions | Artists’ Books Fair, X-Initiative, Nov. 5th - 8th, 2009


Kirby Gookin and Robin Kahn announce VendorBar, our newest curatorial endeavor hosted by the Editions | Artists’ Books Fair 2009 Nov. 5th - 8th, 2009.

VendorBar presents artists who will directly engage the public by presenting actions, exchanges and services that result in the production and distribution of artists editions made specifically for the event. As part of this year’s “E|AB’09 Special Events” series, VendorBar offers a unique site where interaction supersedes transaction.

ARTifariti - Western Sahara Collective, Andrea Beeman & Ken Montgomery, Mike Bidlo, Alan Bowman & Alison Knowles, Gaye Chan & Nandita Sharma, Geoffrey Hendricks, Nancy Hwang & Elaine Tin Nyo, Amanda Keeley, Cary Leibowitz, Larry Miller, Peter Nadin, Yoko Ono, Tom Otterness, Sal Randolph, Showpaper, Robert Watts

VendorBar poster design by Tom Otterness [click for pop-up]


THURSDAY 5th (Opening Night Preview to benefit PS1)

7:00 pm Alison Knowles & Alan Bowman, Lentil Etching for Charles Curtis
7:00 pm Mike Bidlo, Not Marcel Duchamp

11:00 am Peter Nadin, Noses & Old Field Farm Collective
2:00 pm Showpaper, Party Lab (made-to-order cassettes), Flipswitch video
program, Blissed Out + Graffiti Monsters collaboration, (3:00 pm)
4:00 pm Geoffrey Hendricks, Headstands for Peace and introducing a new
special edition “Tooth & Nail”
5:00 pm Nancy Hwang & Elaine Tin Nyo, Happy Hour: Big Ball Bar

12:00 pm Sal Randolph, Free Money Actions
1:00 pm ARTifariti-Western Sahara Collective, Sahara Libre Wear Fashion Show
2:00 pm Tom Otterness, VendorBar Poster Signing
3:00 pm Larry Miller, Meme, Even
5:00 pm Nancy Hwang & Elaine Tin Nyo, Happy Hour: Big Ball Bar
5:00 pm Andrea Beeman & Ken Montgomery: Lamination Ritual Featuring Ken, the Minister of Lamination and Amanda, the Enchantress of Bioluminosity.


12:00 pm Amanda Keeley, Love/Hate
1:00 pm Cary Leibowitz, bumper stickers – pass it on
2:00 pm Showpaper, Party Lab (made-to-order cassettes), Flipswitch video program, Eskalators perform, (3:30 pm)
3:00 pm ARTifariti- Western Sahara Collective: IPCNY Discussion

ONGOING (Thursday thru Sunday)
Gaye Chan & Nandita Sharma, Eating in Public
Yoko Ono, Add Color: Imagine Peace -Stenciling Action
Robert Watts, Fluxpost


E|AB’09 Fair at the X-Initiative ( formerly DIA )
548 W. 22nd Street New York, NY (between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues)

E|AB’09 is free and open to the public Friday to Sunday.

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