Sunday, November 8, 2009

Going the Distance

Contemporary Art is about going the distance required to find something powerful, mind-bending (boggling) and transformative. Last Friday, I travelled to the studios Mira Schor and Loren Munk. Below are images from both, thanks for looking and traveling with me.

Some of Mira's Books. Schor is the author of Wet: On Painting, Feminism, and Art Culture and co-editor of M/E/A/N/I/N/G: An Anthology of Artists’ Writings, Theory, and Criticism (both from Duke University Press). She has contributed to the Brooklyn Rail.

Schor has two new books, The Extreme of the Middle: Writings of Jack Tworkov, which she has edited, from Yale University Press, and a new collection of her own writings on art and culture, A Decade of Negative Thinking: Essays on Art, Politics, and Daily Life, to be published by Duke University Press.

Next stop: Loren Munk. Loren also writes for the Brooklyn Rail and is well know for his video dispatches from the artworld. He paints under the name Loren Munk and writes under the name James Kalm. He's a complete package of viewing.

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