Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tworkov Tworkov Tworkov Tworkov Tworkov Tworkov

I can't stop listening to Camera Obscura's "French Navy" and I can't stop thinking about that Tworkov show. If you listen to the song dance and if you see the show don't miss the part, contained in a room next door, within the Archives of American Art’s New York Research Center and Gallery. The archive room contains his extensive journal collection and his Guggenheim application from which he was rejected, so was Mark Rothko!

Of course my biggest thrill, not excluding dancing and looking, was the person I saw the show with and my new hero Charles Seliger! Charles told me that every time he saw Jackson (Pollock) that he was sober and kind. He also demonstrated that he can copy Obama's signature (and every other president's signature in chronological order by memory) and told me that his art practice is a vertical one. "We met by a trick of fate."

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