Thursday, September 10, 2009

Art Stumble #2

Here's the basic plan. All shows have been picked for quality, and for stumbling appropriateness and not anything else.

Dinner, if anyone can get away that early, there's a crazy and always crowded (so I assume that it is good) Curry Restaurant on 9th Ave at 29th Street called Qasim's and we could grab a samosa there at around 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

I'm trying to build in time if there's things you want to see independently from the my art stumble there can be independent running around and we can meet up, air kiss and move on.

6:45 pm Mixed Greens 525 w. 26th St. for Zane Lewis
7:00 -7:15 pm Matthew Marks 523 w 24th St for Vincent Fectau
7:30 Matthew Marks again at 522 w. 22nds St. for Rebecca Warren
then to Dumbo! That's right, it's a decentralized art city now...
8:30 pm Kris Graves # 224, where Matthew has new drawings up, then to Farmani Gallery # 212 and finally Randall Scott
10:00 pm Soho to catch the tail end of a show and performances at the Emily Harvey Foundation 537 Bway, 2nd Floor, "A Book About Death"

Just let me know where you might pick up and meet so I can look for you!

image Randall Scott

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