Thursday, May 7, 2009

I love Longo

I love Robert Longo. And I also really appreciate T.J. Carlin for writing a wonderful series for TIMEOUTNEWYORK titled "Studio Visits." T.J. recently writes up a wonderful interview with Robert Longo in this week's TIMEOUTNEWYORK.

T.J. Carlin is consistently inspiring with her ventures to galleries and her delving deeper into why artists make art. This is the quote for the day, week, year, from Longo:

T.J. Carlin: "What would you say to a young artist?"

I would say… "Don't worry about selling your art." Having colleagues and a community and a group of artists that you have solidarity with, it's like strength is in numbers. When you're younger you're able to exchange ideas more freely. I still have a core group of friends that I think are like my board of directors, that I trust emphatically about stuff.

Longo's solo show, "Surrendering the Absolutes," is on view at Metro Pictures through May 30; "The Pictures Generation" runs through Aug 2 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

T.J. interviewed me a year ago for an article titled No man's De Land. She's been a big supporter of Pocket Utopia.

P.S. The Met is having a big warehouse book sale through May 10th!

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