Sunday, March 8, 2009

You didn't miss a thing!

So, you didn't make it the Armory this weekend?  No problem.  Go on a guided tour with Loren Munk. He'll also take you around Pulse.

If you missed Adam's opening, here's a look at everyone looking.

Don't forget, coffee talks, Sundays after 2 pm, are served up by resident artist Kevin Regan.

Now, it's time for a flash back.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the wrap up! I didn't get to go to the Armory, but your links suppressed my disappointment for not going (for now ^^)!

I think art fairs are not as frequent and big as they used to be. I think more and more artists are opting, now with the poor economy and new technology, to use the internet as a medium to display and sell their work. There are new sites popping up each day where artists can I found interesting was You have your own virtual studio and have soirees or parties where you can meet each other and potential buyers in person. It's amazing how technology has pushed us so far!