Sunday, March 22, 2009

Try harder

I like that art makes you try harder. I woke up early this morning so that I could go see the Bonnard show at the Met before opening up Pocket Utopia. In preparation, I reread an essay about Bonnard in Michael Kimmelman's book Accidental Masterpiece.

At Pocket U, I'm attempting to read a book titled Art Power which is way over my head, while greeting visitors to the space and discussing future plans for Pocket Utopia that might include expanding the space for artists to work, creating an archive project, and putting art in hospitals or other like institutions.  By late afternoon the discussion focused on a specific plan to exhibit art made by shelter residents.

Now, I'm picking out a piece to donate to the Momenta Art Raffle which will need to be framed and delivered. I'm packing up prints, part of a new Pocket Utopia edition by Brece Honeycutt, before running out to the store because there's nothing for the little one or my mom, who arrives tomorrow, to eat.

After the groceries are put away, I'll listen to a sample of Sarah Vaughan's "Just a Little Lovin' " as described in "Finding that Song." Tomorrow, it's play dates and procuring tickets to the circus!

Brece's picture of her prints above.

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