Monday, February 16, 2009

Out of the blue

I'm doing a little re-blogging and reading before getting on the road. Joy Garnett's blog is a really interesting read.

Joy, together with one of my favorite curators, Amy Lipton, have put together a show about the weather and the creative process.  With a little bit of effort, I pulled out a perch piece for the show. The show is curated by Amy Lipton, Joy Episalla and Joy Garnett. Just reading their bios is enough of a show, but I've got some other friends in the show too, including Michele Araujo who will be showing at Pocket Utopia in May. Grant even put in a piece.

I just updated the Pocket Utopia website and will continue to get it up to date while away on a little vacation. It takes a lot of time keeping that website up to date. It seems like that's the last thing to get done after the actual artwork is done. It all has to go virtual, eventually.

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