Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's the new old world

We are definitely living in interesting times. Lately, most nights find me watching a four year old fall asleep while he clutches a stuffed star.

I just watched "Our City Dreams." Now I'm under the impression that Marina Abramović is a saint and that Nancy Spero is a goddess, which are not bad impressions. The film had a cross-generational theme, offering up portraits of four female artists, one 30 years old (Swoon), one around 40 (Ghada Amer), a 50 year old Kiki Smith, Saint Marina Abramovic (60) and the goddess Nancy Spero (80).

Swoon discussed how totally awesome it was to be working in the street and at MOMA and in the street again and of course, soon at other museums...and I thought about leaving the theater. I stayed, though, to see Ghada Amer reveal her opportunistic ways. Ghada bought a big house in the film. Kiki Smith also lives in a big house. No house is big enough for Marina. Nancy appears to be living in a small apartment, now alone without Leon, that she has always lived in and where she raised her 3 children. And where she probably watched them fall asleep and then she went off to work. And that's where I am now, working.

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Denise Fasanello said...

I need to go see this right away!