Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The show, the artist, and the demo

Kayosities has opened and besides being exhausted after installing and pouring drinks, the show is quite uplifting. Each artist puts forward their work and allows us in.

Of course, it is my mom's show, and the wall of her art, spanning 50 years, makes us smile and she stole the show at the opening...Elissa Levy upends images from the sports pages. Negative space, in her work, is funky and existential, un-cramped, fun and welcoming.

Björn Meyer-Ebrecht's installation of collages and sculptures take shape while you look and walk. You can stand back and take it in.

Kay taught us all milk resist, the day after the opening, which is a magical technique that reveals the light by applying black ink. Here are the directions:

Milk Resist Painting


Brushes, round and flat
Rice paper
Milk 2% or skim
Japanese ink

1. Paint your design on the smooth side of the rice paper with milk put aside to dry
With the wide brush, cover the back (rough side) with gray ink
The part painted in milk will stay white
After the painting is dry, you can paint on the front with ink or color

Paint on the front with milk
Allow to dry
Paint on the front with the black ink
The ink will resist
Allow to dry
Cover the back with gray ink

Paint with black ink on the front
Allow to dry
Paint a second design on the front with paintings can overlap
Allow to dry
Cover back with gray ink

Experiment!! Allow for something to be revealed.  

Sharon Butler has been settling into her one week residency at Pocket Utopia and will be leading a salon on art-making, art-blogging and world-making on January 18th at 4:00 pm.

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