Friday, January 16, 2009

Quote me.

Today, when asked, "How does the market impact your social space? Are you hearing things from artists? Is there relief? Are you free from all market pressures?" I replied:

"As an artist, running an offbeat spot that multitasks as an exhibition, salon, and social space and site of an artist-in-residence program, I am specifically putting artists in charge of their own careers. Pocket Utopia opened 2 years ago along side the market hubbub and because of it.

Things are changing in the artworld and it's not a surprise but artists still have to be in charge, which is also not a surprise. Pocket Utopia seems to be benefitting from the downturn because we always put artists first."

Sharon Butler's picture of Pocket Utopia above only hints at her hard work and ability to make parts whole. She's been in residence all cold week long and I've gotten the sense that she's been very productive.

I ran into Sharon on the subway on her way to buy more art supplies! I also ran into her husband on the subway (on a different day, different train). What kind of small town is this? One where artists in charge of their own careers are shivering, which is also not a surprise.

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Unknown said...

Yes! The exhibitions, conversations, residencies, and salons at PU, the events that create community among artists and allow ideas to flourish, that is something we artists have the power to create independent of the market and its ups and downs.