Thursday, May 15, 2008

Things Moving

With every new show at Pocket Utopia, I have to get used to the space that a new artist or several artists occupy. It can be a difficult transition. Sometimes an artist lets you in willingly. Sometimes they don't.

I'm also getting used to my new studio space, even though it's not for very long. I only have the space for 3 months, a little longer then the length of a gallery exhibition. Perhaps I should view this studio space as a show. Why do some exhibitions or shows (or studio spaces) move us to a different place and why do others push us backwards?

I am reminded of my thoughts a year ago about Jonathan VanDyke's show at Pocket Utopia. It was the first show. A new space for everyone. This is what I wrote:

If I am lucky, every once and awhile, I look at art and then experience and examine life differently. Then as a result of that visual and conceptual feedback loop, I look at art differently and that is what I experienced last night after Jonathan VanDyke's "soft opening" at Pocket Utopia. His art, within the space, changed me. That is the goal of art to effect change.

Change is good. I guess it's important to keep things moving!

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ajules said...

Change is inevitable. "To everything thing turn turn turn.............."