Saturday, May 24, 2008

Think of your ideas as big and operative in a larger universe; your thoughts are ever expanding and taking you places.

I spent Saturday morning at my temporary studio space (emphasis on temporary). Saturday afternoon, I spent out at Pocket Utopia, on the floor. Saturday evening was also spent on the floor, but this time, in the room of a 3 year-old who was trying to fall asleep.

Now it's Sunday and I'm still on the floor writing this blog. I've been trying to create a new place to write that's beyond the constraints of space, free or otherwise. I'm also in the midst of planning another year of pocket utopias, which will consistent of more salons, a residency, some exhibitions, and several print editions.

There are now four galleries all within a few blocks of each other in Bushwick. There are also hundreds of artists. In addition, there are a variety of "alternative" spaces, including interdisciplinary art and performance spaces (Chez Bushwick, for example), comedy spaces and a variety of creative workspaces. Check out the Arts in Bushwick website for a sampling of places. There's a lot to see! All Bushwick needs is a piece of significant architecture and we've got ourselves our own Bilbao!

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