Sunday, May 13, 2012

The past 13 days

Here it all is....a pictorial day at this Pocket Utopia:

The quiet parade of people on Henry Street is amazing, the ebb and flow so peaceful and the birds chirp all day!

There are a lot of cute children.

Balloons and painted faces.

A quick peak at Frieze - the art fairs not to end all art fairs, but to just add another art fair.

Benay Brotman, gallery manager, inside the Pocket.


Our energy efficient compact flourescent lighting!!

The collar and the hair of Guillaume de Brisacier (Secretary to Queen), 1664, one blending into the other.  Engraving by Antoine Masson, 1636-1700

Three game-playing boys under three frenchmen!

The lines of Nanteuil. (A gallery visitor said she could see Agnes Martin in some of these lines on the various prints on the wall.)

Pocket Utopia, continues as a new neighborhood hang out.

Soon to be a bathroom.

Sharon Butler, rockin' a Patti Smith look!


Villion's etching of Baudelaire.

the text under Virginia as translated by Paul D'Agostino
A knowing hand has here captured Virginia's
Eyes, her forehead, her hair with her other features:
But if you want to admire her art and her spirit,
Look to her paintings rather than at her face.

And...OUR NEW TOILET (sink on top and all)!!!

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elledcb said...

Such inspiring photos, Austin -- they make me want to get back to it! Xox, BB