Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A visit to Adam Simon's Studio at PS 122

Maybe it was the heat, and right now it's about time because I have to catch the 8:15 am en route to Hudson, New York to install the Portrait pop-up show that opens this weekend, so this will be brief but about looking.  Below are views of Adam Simon's PS 122 residency. 

the above painting up close (portraits)

more close ups

another one gets specially pulled out for this viewer.

The studio table.

The drawings.

"Steal This Art," a project now not so much about stealing as about desire and attainability, access, specifically public access.

Off to the train station.

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Fred Valentine said...

Once again sorry to have missed it. Thank you L line not to mention opressive heat. I am glad that I made an earlier visit.
Fred Valentine