Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gentle harbingers of spring may warm my soul

it all starts here in the studio with friends; Tom, Benay and Laurel

Hrag podcasting, Veken assisting (podcast forth soon)

Sunday pre-podcast discussion in the Norte Maar salon space

Julie Torres foreground, Paul D'Agostino background

Grant's dance performance

The first love seat model for the plaza

Lars sizes up the task of creating paella for the evening

Jason describes Aron Namenwirth's installation to party guests

the paella party!

let's see Brooke Moyse, Adam Simon, Ben, Rico's back, Audra head

Ellen, Manuel and Manuel's wife, they're hungry

Nice picture of Ellen and Kevin, JP (Hrag in the foreground listening)

Paul before

Paul after

the other love seat for the plaza on it's mosaic patio

Beat nite at Norte Maar Friday, Feb. 18th

Beat nite pic 2 Norte Maar with Karen Schifano

Maybe this was better then the paella, the best mac and cheese on the planet

the family wall in Arkon, Oh.

Not spring yet, snowed-in in Akron

After 3 months of work, Mike gives a speech about his life after high school to his alma mater, Calvert High School.

The end.

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