Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Parts & Labor

Here at AT World, we are very excited when pocket utopia-like, artist-run spaces open up! So it's with great anticipation that I share the opening of SOLOWAY with you all! Located at 348 S. 4th St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

Pocket U.

From their press release and personalized email, as well as pictured above, and for nostalgia's sake (read context), pictures of Pocket Utopia below.

Soloway presents:

With Annette Wehrhahn, Pat Palermo and Paul Branca, we've signed a lease on a small storefront in Brooklyn which we are converting into a gallery/exhibition space. The storefront space was formerly a plumbing supply store, “Soloway Plumbing and Heating” and we have shortened the name to “Soloway.” It's still mostly undeveloped, but I wanted to invite you to our first opening, this Sunday August 15th, 3-6pm. In the spirit of renovation we're calling our first show Parts & Labor, and it includes a range of artists' multiples and editions.

Barbecue in the backyard directly following the opening!

Munro Galloway

Exhibition: Parts & Labor
Artists' editions and multiples
Bryan Baker, Glen Baldridge, Jane Benson, Megan Biddle, Sari Carel, Jessica Dickinson, Rochelle Feinstein, Munro Galloway, Marc Handelman, Joshua Hart, Corin Hewitt, Jungil Hong, Fabienne Lasserre, Pam Lins, Becka McKay, Ohad Meromi, Jenny Nichols, Melissa Oresky, Pat Palermo, Dushko Petrovich, Joseph Protheroe, Halsey Rodman, Jessie Stead, Mike Stickrod, Woody Sullender,
Joshua Thorson, Jo-ey Tang, Margaret and Mary Weatherford, Annette Wehrhahn, Alex Weinstein, Ry Wharton, Mike Wodkowski

Dates: August 15 – September 18, 2010
Opening: Sunday, August 15, 3-6pm
Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 12-5

Parts & Labor
“Flat hamster parts, toilet spuds, brass flanges, ball cocks, flappers, close couple kits, tank speedies, douglas valves, faucet and parts, sink speedies, waste line parts, strainers, brass fittings, johni bolts, oakum, lead, gauge glass & washers, floor flanges, sink strainers, hosecocks, gascocks, meter bars, radiator valves, boiler parts, pilot tubing...”

A list of parts, objects that require assembly, pieces of a whole—words written on the walls and shelves of a former plumbing supply store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Annette was living upstairs in a temporary sublet and saw the storefront space first. She got in touch with Munro, Pat and Paul. Inside, the walls were covered with wood veneer, the floor with linoleum and the ceiling had been dropped down and filled in with panels of particle board.

We started planning the gallery. We talked to friends and decided to have the first show in the raw storefront space before beginning renovation, a show of art in multiples. Other artists offered to help and loaned us their time and tools. Munro asked

Halsey Rodman to collaborate on the design and construction of a display cabinet for the artworks using left-over building materials we took out of the back apartment, storage area and walls. The cabinet evolved into an artwork.

Artists, musicians, designers, printers, book-makers loaned us their work for the first show, We received prints,
photographs, paintings, drawings, rubbings, sculptures, jewelry, LPs, singles, books, mixed CDs, toy kits, stickers,
surfwax, bottled tea, vases and coffee mugs. Examples of all the work will be on display in the gallery when the
gallery opens for the first time with “Parts & Labor” on August 15th, from 3-6pm. Please stop by to see the gallery
and the show, we would love to see you.

Pocket Utopia, first show shots, etc.

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