Friday, June 18, 2010


Riding the bus, a double decker, that feels like a boat. Headed to the Arlington Arts Center for a show curated by Maggie Michael.

Sailing down 95, surfing the web, finding things to distract me from the sway of this bus, including prayer art objets made by Jennifer Hilltout that make me think of Abigail Doan, Rossana Martinez's Sketchbooks reminds me to draw, checking in with Hauser&Wirth is fun looking and reading the SVA Continuing Education blog is probably as close as I need to get to Bravo's Work of Art.

We're at a rest stop, sway has stopped, who's idea was it to take this double-decker boat ride to DC anyway? Life raft, please.

above image, courtesy it me or do all the people on this scene and heard post look like monsters?!