Thursday, April 1, 2010

Send a kid to Camp!

Vote Camp Pocket U!

My proposal to the Pepsi Fresh Project for Camp Pocket U was approved this morning! Please vote! Norte Maar is the sponsoring organization behind this collaborative project.

Camp Pocket Utopia is a school for community children and invited artists including painters and sculptors, musicians and choreographers, architects, scientists and historians, and others both local and foreign who will be in residence in Rouses Point, New York for the duration of the program.

These artists will be instructors in a summer camp program offered to the immediate community and beyond. Camp Pocket Utopia will inspire a creative conversation amongst artists and creative thinkers, and the community, empowering participants and observers to think for themselves.

This summer camp summer is for everyone, kids and adults, artists, non-artists, experienced tennis and chess players and the uninitiated. At the center of this unique project will be invited artists and the bond formed between them and the community. Learning is a two-way street, whether on the courts, in the pool, over a chessboard or at the dinner table; relationships are the lessons.

Our Goals:

Transform a community through knitting, swimming, tennis and chess

Teach 40 kids and adults how to knit, swim, play tennis and chess

Empowering community spirit by sponsoring tournaments

Celebrating city pride with a 100-yard dash

Incorporate visiting artists and scholars with the local community

Come camp!

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