Monday, July 13, 2009

Morganization and Mark Dion

The above picture is from the website for Mildred's Lane. I visited there this past weekend, had some awesome grits and toured around. From their website:

Mildred’s Lane is a collaboration between artists Mark Dion, J. MorganPuett and their associates. This project is a long-term experiment in large-scale project based practices with a living museum and an educational institution attached. This active site is their 96-acre compound in the upper Delaware River Valley region of Pennsylvania near New York City. It means to be a revolutionary rigorous rethinking (the 3 Rs) of the contemporary art complex.

There have been so many moments in our cultural history compounding the notion of reinventing the world, of trying to make a difference, of assembling friend’s and colleagues, and it is within these such outpost projects that we endeavor on with others like Olafur Eliason’s Laboratory; Andrea Zittel's High Desert Test Sites; Rirkrit Tiravanija's The Land; the Whitney Independent Study Program in NYC; or, historically, with Mark deSuvero's Socrates Sculpture Park; the feminist artist-founded Women's Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY; Black Mountain; Donald Judd's Marfa, TX; and,other groups/sites of embracing difference such as Sarah and Gerald Murphy and the Lost Generation; and Bloomsbury; within this context, all in pursuit of co-evolving, we introduce this new experiment.

The core of the project practice and educational philosophy at Mildred’s Lane is an attempt to collectively create new modes of being in the world -- this idea incorporates questions of our relation to the environment, systems of labor, forms of dwelling, all of which compose an ethics of comportment – and are embodied in workstyles. As a participant at Mildred’s Lane these issues will be negotiated daily through the rethinking of one’s involvements with food,shopping, making, styling, gaming, sleeping, reading, thinking and doing. This is a program and a place where a work-live-research environment is developed to foster a rigorous engagement with every aspect of life.

•Mildred’s Lane directors and advisory board members invite project artists. These artists receive an honorarium for their involvement.
•Visiting lecturers are co-curated by the project artists of Mildred’s Lane for each session. They also receive an honorarium for their participation.
•Students may apply independently. Tuition is $1500. plus $1000 room and board fee.
•Institutions, departments, or faculty may inquire about developing a course of study around a project, or possibly invent a new project with Mildred’s Lane.
•An institution may take on adjunct contracts (negotiable based on student enrollment), with one or more of the artists working on projects at Mildred’s Lane; hand selecting students for the program, (previous syllabus info available upon request).
•An institution, department or faculty may hand pick students whom they feel would benefit from this unusual environment of trans-disciplinary practitioners and encourage them to apply with their recommendation.•Mildred’s Lane is also an unusual environment for institutional retreats, for think tanks, symposia, etc.
•OR, simply come as a guest to one or more of our public events,lectures and dinners. An invitation must be requested, and a confirmed RSVP is based on available space for each event. A schedule for 2009 will be posted on this site.

These rare and valuable conditions of exchange and collaboration are designed to become shared experiences that will have transformative and lifelong effects on how we think of ourselves as artists functioning in the social sphere. This is a very exciting time and we welcome you to consider being apart of it! We have already successfully developed programs with Mary Jane Jacob, Director of Exhibitions, at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago,and others.


More pictures below:

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