Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pocket Utopia in New York Mag!

image by resident artist Kevin Regan

Art on a Shoestring

That’s where creativity really thrives.

By Jerry Saltz Published Nov 30, 2008

reposting just the Bushwick part here, get the rest on the NY Magazine site.

The last time money left the art world, intrepid types maxed out their credit cards and opened galleries, and a few of them have become the best in the world. Now, as money is leaving art again, history could repeat itself—especially in these two neighborhoods, where you can feel experimentation percolating.


It’s the closest thing to the eighties East Village. Start with Norte Maar (646-361-8512), Lumenhouse (718-942-5395), and English Kills (718-366-7323). Move fast; some may be gone next year, and the ones that stick around could make a real difference. You should also stop at Pocket Utopia (917-400-3869), where you’ll likely be greeted by the ball-of-energy artist known as Austin Thomas, who, in the year and a half she’s been open for business, hasn’t sold a single work to a collector—only to artists.

Thanks Jerry!

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