Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Deckscaping - part 1

The backyard at Pocket Utopia is a well-used space. The Chinese take-out establishment next door uses the space to store cooking oil, stack cardboard boxes, and their offspring play back there (they dig, climb, and run around crazy). The potential for a fully realized outdoor space is huge.

Kicking aside muddy toys, barrels of MSG, and the miscellaneous chopstick, and with the help of Matthew (he couldn’t move the next day), we reclaimed an area of the backyard by “deckscaping” it. Using former perch platforms and staining them black, we placed the deck tops within and over the muck and grassy weeds. We hung birdhouses, used other former perch sculptural parts as trellises, bought mums and potted shrubbery. We also gave a dirty, dingy picnic table a new home. It’s a start.

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