Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Here we are in the midst of the dog days of summer, and my computer seems to be complying with what the Greeks considered was a time when the seas boiled, wine turned sour, and dogs went mad. August is a time when computers fry (the contemporary seasonal response).

I also get a lot of submissions from other artists this time of year and resolving that Pocket Utopia is a highly idiosyncratic endeavor that is at best a tangent of my own work, or sometimes a curatorial investigation, I do not accept submissions from other artists. I already have the program planned out. (Well, it would be all planned out if my computer would stop dying.)

Pocket Utopia is only a 2-year project (and I am in my second year). Next year, hopefully, I will be able to afford to turn the space into my studio. The space will continue to function as a place where I can make print editions with other artists, do some evening salon-based projects, and finally have a place to build my own sculptures (pocket utopias to send out into the world).

Pocket Utopia is like my part-time job and next year, I'll most likely get another part-time job (facilitated by the fact that Grant will be going to kindergarten). I've even started a job search; focusing on educational outreach positions, museum programing-type jobs (organizing lectures, discussions, and gallery events) as well as teaching opportunities.

Occasionally, I send Matthew out on studio visits, but this is an artist to artist operation. He enjoys the visits.  We get to know artists in the neighborhood and beyond a little better, and it is beneficial for both parties to undertake the exercise of talking about art-making, etc.

It also looks like the generous resident artist program at Pocket Utopia has some possible takers for the coming season (with artists from as far away as Chile and from around the corner planning work stints in the space). In addition, I am instituting a "project space" program in order to try to include even more artists but even that space has become filled to capacity! There are so many good artists out there...And clearly not enough time, but there are always creative ways to continue to make "pocket utopias," so hopefully we'll see my project imitated elsewhere. I look forwarded to being invited.

Below I've listed a few artist's websites that were submitted to me, I submit them here as an online group show.

Recent submissions:













Now it's time to go swimming!!

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