Monday, June 2, 2008

I have to write quickly this morning for I need to get Grant to school (I'm typing and eating a little oatmeal at the same so I apologize in advance for any typos), then I want to go to the studio and later I need to start installing the next show at Pocket Utopia. (So much for those plans, I just got interrupted with storybook reading and now toy trucks are swirling around my computer, plastic cups are falling to the floor and more typos are about to be made.)

Let's see, where was I...My computer crashed. The screen went zebra, meaning black and white stripes replaced text. Now, my computer is back to its supposed normal state, but I am now hurried, and typing at an anxious pace with only a few minutes to say that Andrea Zittel's new project caught my eye and lifted me up: titled "Energetic Accumulators and Token Exchanges," it asks participants to replace objects (stones, photos, and felt pieces) placed on the most amazing tables with something deemed of equal value. The overall piece directly questions ideas of value, commodity, and exchange.

Also, at the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore, the artist acts as agent of social exchange, with 6 artists (one of them also Andrea Zittel ) focusing on small businesses to get ideas out, which is great!

Along a different line, and not a zebra stripe running across a screen, but a new blog by Audra Wolowiec. And this is where I must draw the line and get out the door! We love it Audra and YOU!

Oops! Almost forgot, pictured above a painting from the amazing Amy Sillman from a show curated by the brilliant Anne Ellegood at the Hirshorn.

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