Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bushwick last night

There where so many good things to see last night and here they are:

First up, a "Round-Up group show of folks that have had solos at  Storefront:

Crowd shots, above and below,

Hermine Ford below, which was actually hung above it all, and it was lovely, like a "tunnel," commented Kevin Curran, his chin pictured above.

 That's Hermine (check and listen to that link, it's her oral history) above with the rainbow scarf and 
my piece below.

A Kevin Regan (Two Coats of Paint article, linked, read that too) diptych above.

Norman Jabut wooden sculpture above. 
Below, the next stop, Brooklyn Fireproof and a show, "Getting Closer," curated by Rebecca Lit.

Brooklyn Fireproof crowd shot, this is a fun gallery space attached to a bar servin' up extra large buds and pressed sandwiches!

Julie Torres, a detail, above.  
Julie Torres in full, below:

I think this beautiful collaged painting is by Jennifer Meanley.

Above, this is Perry Bard at Studio 10!!  Studio 10 reminds me of Pocket Utopia (I liked this link by Hrag, one of my favorite art supreme mavens) and I love Studio 10!
 Below and above, the double screen of

Finally a really good show at Momenta's new space at 56 Bogart Street, bravo!!
Titled Broken Homes, features an amazing selection of artists probing the subject.  Below an unlabeled mix of the excellent artists in the show:

Final crowd shot of the Momenta show, thanks for looking with me!!

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