Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanks Paddy, James and Barry!

Ok, that was really sweet (paragraph pasted in below and article linked after that), and I am feeling the love.  What would I do without you all!!  Particularly artfagcity for keeping me informed, Barry and James together for keeping me on schedule with artcat, and for that matter keeping me alive and thinking with James's blog

Thank you.

Augustine’s direction largely seems in keeping with the sensibility of those in the building, a point we were reminded of when we ran into James Wagner and Barry Hoggard during our Sunday tour. Known for their longtime commitment to fostering emerging artist communities, the bloggers and collectors immediately noted the debt owed to the now-defunct artist-run space,Pocket Utopia. Later, over email, Wagner reflected almost wistfully, “While [Founder] Austin Thomas wasn’t the first Bushwick art presence (we were doing artist studio visits in the area before Pocket Utopia)…I can’t think of the building – or of the larger Bushwick art scene – separate from her magical space and its mission”.

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